Monday, 18 January 2010

The Beat That My Heart Skipped

I finally got round to watching this film last night... Romain Duris was fantastic... as were his character Thomas' signature neck ties that hardly missed a frame.
The director Jacques Audiard was interviewed by Jason Solomons recently and described Audiard's look (trilby hat, horn rimmed glasses, smart jacket and a cravat) as 'a bit like an English gentleman, a bit like Jacques Tati and a bit like a gangster'. As for the male character leads in his films he says: 'I hope my characters are cool, in the sense of iconic. That's my job, at its very essence. For me, that is what cinema is about - it produces monumental figures, icons, male or female, people who are emblematic of their time, who are in their time and who define their time.' Later adding: 'You don't have to like heroes. The hero in my film is there to illustrate the capacity for resistance of the individual and his ability to make himself his own rules, his own life'.

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