Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Manufacturing Lace in England

A few months ago, during the development stages of the Marwood collection, we made a visit to Nottingham to visit one of the oldest manufacturers of traditional Leavers laces that has been running since 1845. Visiting this English factory was fascinating and it resulted in some unique additional styles to the Marwood tie collection that we are really excited to present. This part of the collection represents so much of what we want to achieve with Marwood... utilising home grown artisan skills in an innovative way and for this season that means applying them to a recognisable product to create something unusual and we hope, desirable.

The vintage collar piece that was found whilst researching. This find resulted in the trip to the Lace factory in the first place and now represents a large part of the debut Marwood tie collection. Please watch this space as we look forward to showing you the collection with the launch of the Marwood website by the end of this week.

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