Friday, 27 May 2011

Sicilian Treasures

We just ventured to Sicily for a couple of days to meet with a wonderful tie and scarf manufacturer who specialise and insist on making solely hand made products. We have made a conscious decision since starting Marwood to find the best craftsmen for the job in hand and we are confident to have found these people in England. The lace bow ties are manufactured in England and the owners have taken a lot of time and patience to develop this new product that has not come without its problems! The fabric is so delicate and not as well behaved as we had hoped. The results are worth it though. The silk/wool ties are also all made in England and the lace ties are made by hand in Italy.

So, we are now looking to extend our offering and looking for some certain finishes and techniques and that led us to Sicily! More photos are to come. Working with craftsmen and women in factories is a treat and the results are never quite what you expected beforehand. Marwood will be presenting the new Spring/Summer range in Paris Men's Fashion Week next month and we will keep you posted on the new offering coming your way.

This deserted bag is owned by the gentleman below. He left it temporarily in the Catania lounge whilst waiting for his lunch. Italian men certainly know their own mind and their own style. Confident and considered, it is always so apparent from the moment you arrive that this is a land where men pay to achieve their style. They want quality and they want to express themselves! Yeah... you wear that moss green suit with tan leather and rock it with your vintage sunnies. No one is going to stop you in Italia.

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