Sunday, 14 October 2012

Show Me The M(arwood)

The BBC News program "Show Me The Money" will feature the process behind making a Marwood tie tonight at 9.30pm among its line up of topics.

(Skip to 20.50 to see the Marwood slot)

Our cloth and the ties themselves are made in England and this will be shown through interviews and behind-the-scenes coverage shot by the BBC. This program is about the makers and will show off the hidden industry that buzzes away in small towns outside of London. We are lucky they make Marwood cloth and ties. It is their skill and time that means we can reliably say that Marwood ties are made to last. It has reminded us of the beginning of Marwood - this time two years ago when developing these relationships and products, we recorded the goings-on with photographer Callum Toy. He shot everything on film and we got to grips with what goes on before a tie hits the shop floor. Unfortunately we couldn't go to the filming by the BBC on Thursday but got across town to meet the presenter, Victoria Fritz in Liberty in the evening. The interview was unrehearsed, fast (and nerve-wracking) but we are really excited that they decided to feature Marwood - thanks to Chris Waldron who recommended us. We are proud that Marwood ties are made in England... not as a patriotic stance but because it means we know the makers and we are supporting an industry that has developed over the last hundred years and should continue to do so. We look forward to making more products in the UK as well as abroad when relevant. It is about finding the right people to do what they do best as we have found this creates a reliable product that lasts. 

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