Thursday, 18 April 2013


Last night we went to a Patternitalk - an event created by Patternity co-founders Anna Murray and Grace Winteringham. They invited the following guest speakers to discuss how pattern shapes their own practice...

Lily Silverton (Director/Film Maker/Fashion Features 
Editor at POP Magazine), 
Katie Gaudion RCA (Multi-disciplinary textile designer), 
Katherine Hamnett (Fashion Designer CBE) and 
Kathryn Ferguson (Artist and Filmmaker).

It was a really interesting evening and inspiring to hear successful, creative women doing so well. Katherine Hamnett's confident, unswayed vision in her work, human rights and world issues; Lily Silverton's striking, monochrome film collaboration with Patternity; Katie's creation of a Springy-Thingy Pouf to benefit children who suffer from autism spectrum disorder and Kathryn Ferguson, a filmmaker originally from Belfast who spoke of her influences and inspirations that put meaning and reason behind all that she creates. We can see why Kathryn was the perfect person for Selfridges to assign their brief to make a film to commemorate International Women's Day 2013. We love the results and wanted to share the film with you... 

Snap shots taken during Katherine Hamnett's slideshow talk...

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