Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Marwood - Menswear for Women

London Fashion Week commences in a matter of weeks. Sep 13 - 17. 
Marwood will be presenting, for the first time, an edited range of the latest 
SS14 collection - mixed in with classic Marwood styles - to create a curated
range of menswear for women. We want to show pieces that are traditionally 
menswear items that women would want. Whether styled with impeccable 
tailoring or an oversized men's shirt, women have been working this look for 
years. So, we wanted to extend the invite and introduce Marwood accessories 
to the women. Sophia Coppola below pretty much sums it up for us... 
Marwood accessories are hand crafted in the UK. The offer will include ties, 
bow ties, scarves, braces, silk hanks worn as scarves and mohair socks. 
To make an appointment to view the new collection or find out more about 
Marwood - menswear for women, then please email us at:

The collection will be featured at this address

Designer Showrooms: Multi-Brand Showroom
Touba London Showroom 
West Wing, Ground Floor
Somerset House
Strand, London

13 - 17 September 2013
10:00 - 19:00

Read a little preview HERE. Watch this space for more news and features about this... 

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