Thursday, 26 August 2010

Dalston Lane Cafe

Marwood spotted this tie-wearer over lunch today. This kind fellow offered to de-knot himself in order for me to take a closer look and he explained that this tie was very old and once belonged to his Dad. This is a current theme that keeps occurring... a nostalgic element to aquiring neckwear and we at Marwood believe this is due to a lack of options these days. Some of the best ties we have found are in the bottom of a decrepid suitcase at the back of a vintage store and if the pattern is right, you can guarantee the quality of cloth or the dimensions of the tie won't be. We may be repeating ourselves on this point but seeing as it is the main driving force behind Marwood's aesthetic and design philosophy - you will hear it again.
Although Marwood won't help you out with any striped, knitted or square end ties (sorry Cafe fellow), it will aim to please in offering new, multi-patterned, quality assured options that will act as a focus point to a casual day (pop to the cafe) kind of look or a formal wedding.

Marwood patterns are in work and currently being spun on the loom in the finest silk and wool. The first collection will be launched in January 2011.

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