Wednesday, 25 August 2010


This enthusiastic tie creation definitely creates an individual look. Found on Coniesewer blog, it is a great example of how neck-wear can make a man's look feel complete - even when the look is not generically 'formal'. Neck-wear represents pride and a sense of importance and occasion yet doesn't display arrogance (unless we are referring to a wide, brash tie finished with a 'footballer's' over-sized knot - that is open to a very different interpretation I am afraid).

This man, Lloyd, who Conniesewer met at a coffee shop taught her two things... 1) Lloyd walks five miles to breakfast every day and rewards himself with an egg and cheese sandwich. 2) Lloyd fashioned his bolo tie out of a belt.

A sense of occasion? 5 miles walk to breakfast is definitely worthy of a considered outfit - and definitely worthy of some statement neck-wear, especially when it is fashioned from imagination.

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