Thursday, 2 December 2010

Handcrafted: A Glimpse Behind the Scenes.

Last week we visited our factory in Kent, England. Photographer, Callum Toy, came along to record the various stages of making the Marwood necktie. The process is thorough, efficient and obviously well practiced and the team behind the scenes of this handmade product are professional and highly skilled as well as warm, friendly and welcoming.

Working with a factory is very inspiring. It always offers new ways of thinking and approaching a product when you are given the reasons why something is done. Traditional methods are passed on and continued for a reason - they work - but it is an enjoyable part of the design process to apply these methods in unusual ways whether that be fabrication, proportion or cut.

New variations and combinations of a traditional formula is something we will continue to explore at Marwood.

A small selection of the photos for now. More to follow soon with a close up viewpoint of 'the making of'...

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