Monday, 13 December 2010

Details, Details.

But it's just a tie isn't it?

That is the common sentiment that arises when discussing this product. Why ties? Why this one product? Do you do anything else? Not right now we don't, no.

The best thing about starting Marwood has been the exploration of one product and delving in to the details of this accessory and learning about its components, its uses and its meanings.

The factory visits have been eye-opening. Today during a phone conversation with Chris, an important contributor in the development stage between Marwood and the factory, we reflected on the last couple of months. We discussed the things that have gone wrong, the lessons learnt for next time and how there are so many choices for such a seemingly simple object. Attention to minute measurements, various lining qualities, width, length, finishing, pressing. It is not that this is any different to any other item of clothing but it is interestingly complex compared to the object's exterior image. A tie is a commonplace object with commonplace connotations and it is not appreciated as more than that for those reasons. Also, it is an object that can be visually achieved so quickly and cheaply, although those imitations won't have the lasting quality of a hand finished, English woven and made product with years of expertise behind it in the make.

Anyway, Marwood has become quite fond of this strange object. We want the design subtleties we have learnt to stay with us as this journey continues.

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